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The world's first smart toilet seat for public restrooms. Our smart technology provides data and organizes inventory so maintenance crews can focus on more important tasks in your facility. Your maintenance team will be notified when a battery is low or when a cartridge needs to be replaced.  



Our touchless sensor is located on the right side of the toilet seat. Users can activate the sensor by holding their hand in front of the sensor. Washie cleaning solution will disperse on the surface of the seat. Washie rechargeable battery is located above the touchless sensor. Each battery can last up to 10,000 uses.    


Washie cartridge comes in a 800ml recyclable bottle. Every cartridge contains enough cleaning solution for up to 2000 uses.   


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Washie Toilet Seat connects by bluetooth technology to our convenient app.  Our app will notify your maintenance crew when a battery is low or when a cartridge needs to be replaced.